PCB design

SystemEl's main area of business is PCB Printed Circuit Board design.

Projects are implemented in Altium Designer.

The design of the PCB is divided into stages:

1. Preparation of the schematic block or client’s own project.
2. Selection of components and assembly technology,
3. Fitted to the client’s specification or a propose configuration.
4. Arrangement of components on PCB,
5. Manual routing of all layers.
6. Preparation of the circuit board for automatic mounting.
7. Preparation of the technical and technological documentation.

These steps are carried out with particular emphasis on the electromagnetic compatibility, device functionality and user friendly.

Each stage of the order is consulted where necessary with the client.

Due to our extensive experience in design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards and our knowledge of the market, we are also able to offer the complete manufacturing of PCB’s at competitive prices.